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*Online Only* The Blue Building Auction - Wednesday, May 16, 2018 9:00 AM

Item Description
1.Boxes Asst Plastic Sword Picks
2.Bagel Slicer
3.Edlund Portion Scale
4.Lot (3) Asst Portion Scales
5.Poly Cafeteria Trays (17.5"x13.5")
6.Poly Cafeteria Trays (17.5"x13.5")
7.Lot Asst Poly Baskets, Bowls, Marble Wine Chiller, Asst Items
8.Royal 22# Portion Scale
9.Lot (10) 7.5" Round/(10) 12" Oval Cast Alum Hor Dourve Platters
10.Lot (6) Asst S/S Mixing Bowls
11.Lot (21) 6.5" Round S/S Hor Dourve Dishes
12.Lot S/S Hotel Pan w/Asst Utensils
13.Lot (10) Asst S/S Bain Maries/Soup Inserts
14.S/S Bain Maries
15.S/S Bain Maries
16.Lot (26) S/S Deli Pans
17.Lot (23) S/S Deli Pans
18.Lot Asst S/S Pans
19.Poly Flatware Holders
20.Lot Asst Thermometers
21.Lot Pasta Dividers
22.Pool Table Chalk Holder/Wood Hangers
23.Nemco Counter Food Warmer
24.Lot Asst S/S Deli Pan Lids
25.Lot Asst Poly Deli Food Pans
26.Lot Poly Sandwich Bags, Food Gloves, Beverage Carriers, Sweetners,
27.Monarch, Paxar & Avery Pricing Guns w/Tape
28.Monarch 1110 Pricing Guns w/Tape
29.Roll 20" Food Wrap
30.Lot Asst Poly Storage Containers, Bus Tub & S/S Items
31.Wet Floor Signs
32.Lot (4) evoQ 6.5" Ceiling Mount Speakers/(2) Optimus Wall Mount Speakers/Asst Battery Back-Ups
33.Cash Drawer (Unlocked, No Key)
34.Edlund #1 Can Opener Stems (No Bases)
35.Lot Kenmore Elite Food Processor, Rival Crock Pot, Sunbeam 2-Slice & T-Fal 4-Slice Toasters
36.Laser Bug Zapper
37.Whirlpool Cartridge Water Filter/Electric Space Heater
38.Lot Asst S/S Pots, Soup Insert, Grater, Utensils
39.Halogen Energy Saver 1690-Lumen Indoor/Outdoor Flood Lights
40.Lot Mop Bucket, Wet Floor Signs, New Mop Heads
41.Poly Beverage Dispenser w/Stand
42.GP Toilet Roll Dispenser (NIB)
43.Asst ABC Fire Extinguishers
44.Badger Grease Fire Extinguisher
45.Asst ABC Fire Extinguishers
46.Edlund #1 Can Opener w/Base
47.Lot (3) Chain Link Privacy Kits (250'/Roll)
48.Mr Heater Propane Tank Space Heater
49.Dewalt 20v Lithium Ion DCL050 Work Light, DCD771 1/2" Cordless Drill Driver, 18v DW939 6.5" Cordless Circular Saw
50.S/S Speed Rails (9"x23"/35")
51.Flag Stand Kit/Steeler Flag
52.Simplex Grinnell ABC Fire Extinguishers
53.Asst ABC Fire Extinguishers
54.Lot (3) Wire Post Racks (42"/48" x 18")
55.S/S Stock Pot
56.CRC Classic 3-Dr Display Freezer (220v)
57.Rolling S/S 2-Dr Reach In Freezer (220v)(Needs Work: Compressor kicks on and runs for 5 minutes, then shuts off. Does this repeatedly.)
58.Victory S/S 1-Dr Freezer (110v)
59.Glenco S/S 2-Dr Reach In Cooler (110v)
60.Rolling Bev-Air S/S 3-Dr Reach In Freezer (220v)
61.True 2-Dr Display Cooler (110v)
62.True 2-Dr Display Reach-In Freezer (220v)
63.Frigid Aire Upright Freezer
64.Univex 30-Qt Mixer w/Stainless Bowl, Hook, Whip
65.Winholt Alum Bakery Transfer Racks
66.Alum Bakery Transfer Racks
67.Rolling Alum #10 Can Rack
68.EPCO Bakery Proofing Cabinet
69.Alum Bakery Transfer Rack w/Plastic Cover
70.QBD Glass Dr Display Cooler
71.Masterbilt Glass Dr Display Cooler
72.Masterbilt Glass Dr Display Cooler
73.Masterbiklt Rolling Spot Freezer (110v)
74.Poly Ingredient Bin
75.Mop Bucket w/Wringer
76.Cans Ecolab S/S Cleaner/Polish
77.Fiberglass Dough Boxes w/Dolly (26"x18"x3")
78.Fiberglass Dough Boxes (26"x18"x3")
79.Fiberglass Dough Boxes (26"x18"x3")
80.Fiberglass Dough Boxes (26"x18"x3")
81.Edlund Portion Scale
82.Tork Xpressnap Napkin Dispensers
83.14" Alum Pizza Pans
84.10" Alum Pizza Pans
85.22" Alum Pizza Pans
86.22" Alum Pizza Pans
87.22" Alum Pizza Pans
88.18" Alum Pizza Pans
89.17"x17" Square Alum Pizza Pans
90.17"x17" Square Alum Pizza Pans
91.Lot Pizza Screens/Sheet Trays
92.Coated 4-Tier Wire Post Racks (60"x24")
93.CMA L-1X16 Dish Machine
94.Push Top Slim Trash Cans
95.84"x30" S/S Rinse Table w/ Stainless 56"x18" Over Shelf
96.New American Metalcraft 14"x16" Alum Pizza Peels w/21" Wooden Handles
97.New American Metalcraft 14"x16" Alum Pizza Peels w/21" Wooden Handles
98.New American Metalcraft 14"x16" Alum Pizza Peels w/21" Wooden Handles
99.Asst American Metalcraft Alum Pizza Peels
100.American Metalcraft 14"x16" Alum Pizza Peel w/38" Wood Handle
101.American Metalcraft 15"x14" Alum Pizza Peel w/37" Alum Handle
102.American Metalcraft 15"x14" Alum Pizza Peel w/ 21" Alum Handle
103.American Metalcraft 15"x14" Alum Pizza Peel w/21" Alum Handle
104.Lighted 10-Tier Cigarette Wall Rack (85"x36"x15")
105.Counter Red Bull Cooler
106.144"x30" S/S Table w/2' 8" Stepdown & 2-Bowl Sink (Missing Drawer)
107.Lot Garden Hoses w/Nozzle
108.Brand New Migali C-G48NG(LP) 48"x21" Gas Griddle
109.48"x30" S/S Frame Poly Trim Table
110.Asst Hand Shopping Baskets
111.Asst Hand Shopping Baskets
112.48"x30"x43" Marble-Top Stool Tables
113.30"x30"x43" Pedestal Marble-Top Tables w/Foot Rests
114.Lot Asst Bar Glassware (Rocks, Pilsner, Pint, Mugs & Stemware)
115.San Jamar 3-Comp Bar Condiment Holder
116.Cases Libbey 1.5 oz Shot Glasses (24/Case)
117.60"x36" Floor Mat
118.48"x30" Double-Pedestal Marble-Top Tables
119.Lot Asst Bar Supplies
120.Lot Asst Hanging Lights, Glass Shades, Related Items
121.Lot P-Touch PT-1400 Labeler, Staplers, Power Strip
122.96"x24"x28" Party Pong Tables w/Speakers
123.Rolling 36"x24" Marble-Top S/S Table
124.Mundial S/S Pizza Knife (21")
125.Alum Rolling Pin (15")
126.Lot Asst Spatulas/Knives
127.Lot Asst Deli Utensils
128.Tray S/S Prep Table Pan Dividers
129.Lot (6) Wire Table Pizza Pan Stands
129A.Lot Asst Aprons
130.Lot (8) S/S Cake Stands
131.S/S Dough Dockers
132.Lot (6) Asst S/S Pizza Cutters
133.Poly Deli Half Pans
134.Poly Deli Pans
135.Poly Deli Pans
136.Poly Deli Pans
137.Poly Deli Pans
138.Lot (23) Asst Poly Deli Pans
139.4-Tier S/S Shelves (48"x14")
140.Rolling Wire Post File Holders
141.San Jamar Safety Ice Scoops
142.Lot Poly Food Pans, Lids, Condiment Holders
142A.S/S Mixing Bowls
142B.S/S Mixing Bowls
142C.Lot S/S Mixing Bowls/Collander
142D.Poly Cutting Boards (24"x18")
142E.Lot (60) New S/P Shakers
142F.Poly Bus Tubs
142G.4-Tier Cooler Racks (36"x24")
143.San Jamar Napkin Dispensers
144.Asst Napkin Dispensers
145.Tork Xpressnap Napkin Dispensers
146.Lot Alum Roasting Pans, Sheet Trays, Elec Buffet Range, Spit
147.True 3-Dr 2-Arm Tap Cooler (Compressor Runs, Does Not Blow Cold)(90"x27")
148.TNS S/S Floor Mount Double Pedal Valve (New)
149.Wall Mount Paper Towel Dispenser w/Key & Mounting Hardware (New)
150.LED Exit Light Fixtures (New)
151.Tray S/S Utensils
152.Weiler Long Handled Pot Brush
153.Lot Crist 602 Portion Scale (32oz x 1/4oz)/Chopper
154.Gallons Nu Foam Bar Glassware Soap
155.Bottles Nu Foam Sanitizing Tablets
156.Trays Asst Tap Handles
157.4-Tier S/S Shelf Units (53"/48"x20")
158.93"x12" S/S Hinged Service Line Shelf w/Hinges
159.60"x12" S/S Wall Shelf
160.25-Gal Poly Storage Tub w/Lid
161.Lot (2) 4-Bar Carrying Cases (EMPTY)
162.Lot DJ Lights/Accessories (American DJ Agressor Lights, Avenger, Strobe Lights, Fog Machine, Eliminator E-135 MK20, Intimidator AS-IS)
163.Lot Sound Equipment (Peavey Amp, Ultra Curve Pro Mainframe, QSC 1400 Stereo Amp, VBI PC-9400 8-Channel Switch Control) AS-IS
164.Lot Portable Pong Table (AS-IS)/Travel Case
165.4-Tier Coated Wire Post Rack (60"x18")
166.36"x23" S/S Wall Shelf
167.56"x12" Alum Wall Shelf
168.20-Qt Poly Food Pails w/Lids
169.20-Qt Poly Food Pails w/Lids
170.Lot (8) Poly Food Containers w/Asst Lids
171.3-Tier Alum Dunnage Racks (48"x24")
172.24"x24" S/S Wall Shelf
173.12"x24" S/S Wall Shelf
173A.48"x12" S/S Wall Shelf
174.*Note - This lot has been changed to a 32" Insignia Flatscreen TV. All previous bids were deleted.
175.3-Tier Alum Dunnage Rack (36"x24")
176.Migal C-RC48-NG Gas 48" Chargrill (BRAND NEW)
177.48"x24" S/S Frame Poly Trim Table
178.24"x24" Wood Grain Pedestal Table
179.Masterbilt Glass Dr Display Cooler
180.True 3-Dr Display Reach-In Freezer (220v)
181.True 2-Dr Display Reach-In Cooler (110v)
182.True 2-Dr Display Reach-In Cooler (110v)
183.Adcraft Hot Dog Steamer
184.Wisco Elec Counter Pizza Oven
185.2-Well Counter Soup Warmer w/Inserts
186.Edlund #1 Can Opener w/Base
187.Rolling Corner S/S Table w/Marble Top (49"x56")
188.Keating Miracle-Clean Finish Gas Griddle (60"x24")(Missing 3 Knobs)
189.60"x30" S/S Island Work Table
190.Asst 36" Alum Dunnage Racks
191.Star Elec Griddle (36"x17")(220v)
192.102"x30" S/S Table w/Back Splash & Undershelf
193.Star Elec Griddle (24"x21")(1 Knob Missing)
194.Full Alum Sheet Trays
195.Hobart A200T 20-Qt Mixer
196.Roundup S/S Counter Bun Steamer
197.60"x30" S/S Step-Down Table
198.Globe 875-LR Auto Slicer
199.Hobart 1712R Auto Slicer (Auto Need Manual Engaged)
200.Manconi Kolossal 330IK Manual Slicer
201.Manconi Kolossal 330IK Manual Slicer
202.93"x30" S/S Cabinet w/Doors
203.Superior Sandwich Grill (Does Not Come On)
204.Adcraft 30" 10-Roller Hot Dog Grill
205.S/S Rump Stuffer
206.84"x30" S/S Drain Cabinet w/Stainless Shelves
207.Hatco Flav-R-Fresh Holding/Display Cabinet w/Rack & Trays
208.QBD Glass Dr Display Cooler
209.Gold Metal BLIZ-WHIZ Ice Shave Machine
210.Star Panini Grill (110v)
211.Peerless Quartz-Ray Commercial Cooker w/Stone (220v)
212.90"x30" S/S Table w/2 Drawers & Backsplash
213.72"x30" S/S Table w/Can Opener & Stainless Undershelves
214.Jagermeister Dispenser
215.American Honey Dispenser
216.Hobart 1650 Porcelain Deli Pan Scale
217.Regal 100-Cup Coffee Maker
218.24"x24" Insulated S/S Rolling Chest
219.Alum Meat Transfer Rack w/Poly Trays
220.S/S Rolling Chest w/2 Drs
221.Lasko Ceramic Element Elec Floor Heater
222.Dutchess BM59 Divider w/Stainless Stand & Pan (Rolling)
223.2-Dr Refrigerated Sandwich Prep Table (46"x34)(No Cutting Board)
224.80"x35" Dual Duty Refrigerated/Freezer Prep Table (Refrigerated Blows Warm)
225.Cutris Cappuccino Machine
226.60"x28" Cafeteria 4-Well Steam Table
227.S/S Hand Meat Saw
228.S/S Knife Rack
229.Cambro Poly Dunnage Rack (30"x21")
230.60"x24" Maple Butcher Block Table
231.60"x24" Maple Butcher Block Table
232.Biro Sir Steak Cuber
233.Bunn Iced Tea Brewer
234.Grindmaster Coffee Grinder
235.Footed Poly Cutting Boards (24"x17")
236.Lot 32"x26" & 24"x24" S/S Pieces
237.Poly Meat Trays (24"x12.5")
238.50"x15.5" S/S Wall Shelf
239.35"x14" S/S 2-Tier Rolling Stand
240.Ozark Trail Deluxe Folding Camp Cot w/Case
241.84"x18" S/S Wall Shelf
242.50"x16" 2-Tier S/S Wall Shelf
243.24" Wall-Mount Fans
244.24" Wall-Mount Fans
245.Lot Post Office Mailing Boxes
246.Lot (11) Half Sheet Trays
247.4-Tier Wire Post Rack (48"x24")
248.4-Tier Wire Post Rack (60"x24")
249.100"x43" Galvanized Hanging Pot Rack
250.71"x16" S/S Wall Shelf
251.Rigid 14-Gal Shop Vac
252.Digital Crock Pot
253.Robot Coupe R2 Food Processor
254.Cuisnart Food Processor
255.48"x14" S/S Wall Mount Pot Rack
256.4-Tier Alum Post Shelf Unit (48"x18")
257.46"x24" Rolling Cabinet w/Stainless Top
258.Ge Microwave w/Turn Table
259.4/5-Tier Wire Post Racks (48"x18")
260.66"x12" S/S Shelf (No Brackets)
261.Lot (6) Asst Alum Stock Pots, Alum Mixing Bowl
262.Lot (7) Asst Alum Stock Pots
263.Lot (5) Asst Alum Stock Pots
264.Lot (4) Asst Alum Sauce Pots
265.Bottle Compressors
266.4-Tier Alum Shelf Units (48"x18")
267.Whirlpool Dorm Fridge
268.34"x26" S/S Stand
269.Lincoln 1301-11-QT Impinger Oven w/48"x16" Conveyor (Needs Conveyor Motor)(208v, 1-PH)
270.42"x34" S/S Table
271.Southbend 4-Burner Gas Range w/Rolling S/S Stand
272.16" Wall Shelf Brackets
273.Galanz Dorm Fridge
274.Lincoln Redco Onion King Slicer
275.Pineapple Corer
276.Balloon Inflator
277.S/S Hand Sink
278.S/S Hand Sink
279.S/S Hand Sink
280.72"x30" S/S Table w/Backsplash, Stainless Legs, Stainless Undershelf
281.Henny Penny OE-100 Open Electric Fryer (3-Ph, 208v, Missing Door Handle)
282.Henny Penny OE-100 Open Electric Fryer (3-Ph, 208v)
283.Meat Lugs w/Rolling Rack
284.Asst Folding Tables
285.Gardall S-434010 Floor Safe (Open, No Combination
286.Padded Kitchen Stools
287.4-Tier Alum Shelf Units (36"x18")
287A.Cases Hubert Melamine 8" Plates
288.OK-1 Back Brace
289.Cabelas Counter Meat Grinder w/Sausage Tube (New)
290.72"x24" S/S Table w/Backsplash & Undershelves
291.60"x24" S/S Table w/Backsplash, Undershelf & Drawer
292.30-Qt Mixer Bowl w/Paddle
292A.Lot Asst S/S Pans/Related Items
293.Table-Top Push Top Trash Cans
294.Bradford White 19-Gal Elec Hot Water Heater (240v, 1-PH)
295.Whirlpool 6-Gal Elec Hot Water Heater (120v, 1-PH)
296.38" Round Metal Patio Umbrella Tables
297.Plastic Patio Chairs
298.Plastic Patio Chairs
299.Wood Stools (Pizza Sola on Back)
300.Wood Stools (Pizza Sola on Back)
301.Wood Stools (Pizza Sola on Back)
302.Wood Chairs (Pizza Sola on Back)
303.48"x24" S/S Table
304.Josam Floor Grease Trap (25 gpm, 50#)
305.Fiberglass Utility Tub w/Faucet
306.Lot (2) Asst 2-Dr File Cases
307.Metro Rolling Poly Ice Bin
308.Rolling Trash Can w/Lid
309.88"x18" S/S Wall Shelf
310.83"x18" S/S Wall Shelf
311.4-Wh 2-Tier Alum Cart
311A.S/S Hand Sink
312.Rubbermaid 4-Wh 2-Tier Utility Cart
313.S/S Hand Sink
314.S/S Hand Sink
315.Lot Asst Bar Glassware (Rocks, Martini, Juice)
316.Lot Asst Poly Food Containers
317.Poly Trays (25.5"x9")
318.4-Tier Coated Wire Post Racks (36"/30"x24")
319.4-Tier Coated Wire Post Racks (48"/36"x18")
320.Asst Chrome Chip Racks
321.Locking Steel Boxes 16"x14"x18")
322.4-Wh Stock Carts
323.Big Air 42" Floor Fan (Needs Fan Belt)
324.4-Wh 2-Tier Alum Cart (Wheels Rough)
325.Luxor 4-Wh Poly Cart w/Electric Cord/Outlet
326.Cambro Rolling Poly Tray/Utensil Station
327.Scotts Turf Builder Poly Spreader
328.2-Wh Tank Dolly w/Chain
329.Asst 2-Wh Hand Trucks
330.3-Tier 4-Wh Wire Post Cart
331.48"x21" Show Case
332.Rolling MKE Gas Fryer w/Baskets
333.Migali C-G48-NG(LP) 48" Gas Griddle (BRAND NEW)
334.Hollymatic Patty Maker w/Stainless Tub
335.72"x30" S/S Grill Table
336.72"x30" S/S Island Work Table w/Drawer
337.Migali C-HP-6-36-NG(LP) 6-Burner Counter Range (Brand New)
338.Lincoln CTI Elec Impinger w/48"x16" Conveyor (Needs Conveyor Motor)
339.60"x30" S/S Island Work Table
340.Bizerba A404 Stacker Slicer w/Rolling S/S Stand
341.Hobart 4246 Mixer/Grinder (6-HP, 3-PH)
342.Hobart P660 60-Qt Mixer w/Bowl, Dolly & Hook (3-PH)
343.Hobart H-600T 60-Qt Mixer w/Bowl, Paddle & Whip (3-PH)
344.Blodgett 981 2-Deck Gas Oven w/Stones (Propane)(46" Doors)(60" Wide)
345.2'x4' Cooper Metalux Recessed Fluorescent Light Fixtures (New In Box)
346.2'x4' Cooper Metalux Recessed Fluorescent Light Fixtures (New In Box)
347.2'x4' Cooper Metalux Recessed Fluorescent Light Fixtures (New In Box)
348.Hobart H-600T 60-Qt Mixer w/60-Qt Bowl & 60-Qt Hook, 40-Qt S/S Bowl, (2) 40-Qt Paddles, Adapter Ring (1-PH, 220v)
349.Blodgett 901 Propane 2-Deck Oven (52"wide, 36" Door)
350.84"x24" S/S Table w/Backsplash
351.Slim Trash Cans
352.Lot (3) Asst Hampers
353.Push-Top Trash Can
354.S/S 3-Bowl Sink w/Stainless Pot Rack (96")
355.82"x16" S/S Wall Shelf
356.34"x15" S/S Wall Shelves
357.Lot (2) Alladin Smoker Stations (Clips Missing)
358.4-Tier Wire Post Rack (48"x18")
359.Hobart Single Tray S/S Dish Washer w/Hatco Hot Water Booster
360.Hoshizaki Ice Maker w/Condenser
361.Bev-Air 2-Dr Reach-In Display Freezer
362.True 2-Dr Reach-In Display Freezer (Fan Makes Noise)
363.True 2-Dr Reach-In Display Freezer
364.Folding Fiberglass Table
365.Tyler 16' Curved Glass Deli Case w/1-PH Compressor
366.Turbo-Air 3-Dr S/S Sandwich Prep Table (72")
367.Migali C-SPS-2-18 NG(LP) Heavy Duty Stock Pot Stove (Brand New)
368.60"x30" Hoodmart S/S Exhaust Hood w/Hoodmart Exhaust Fan
369.Cecilware Counter Elec Fryer (110v)
370.Federal Model 400 Steakmaster Cuber
371.60"x30" S/S Top Rolling Cabinet
372.Lot Mop Bucket, Wringer, (2) Mops
373.148"x59"x22" Alum Frame Awning (Slight Tear)
374.Migali C-RO6(NG/LP) 6-Burner Range w/Oven & Overshelf Brand New, 36")
375.Migali C-RO6(NG/LP) 6-Burner Range w/Oven & Overshelf Brand New, 36")
376.Migali C-RB24-NG(LP) 24" Chargrill (Brand New)
377.72"x30"S/S Island Work Table
378.Migali C-F75-LP 75# Propane Fryer (Brand New)
379.Migali C-F75-NG 75# Gas Fryer (Brand New)
380.Migali C-F40 NG 40# Gas Fryer (Brand New)
381.Migali C-F40 NG 40# Gas Fryer (Brand New)
382.Migali C-F40-LP 40# Propane Fryer (Brand New)
383.Migali C-F40-LP 40# Propane Fryer (Brand New)
384.Brute Rolling Trash Can
385.Fruit Bonus Video Poker Machine (As-Is)
386.Bev-Air 2-Dr Reach-In Coke Cooler (Blows Warm)
388.Tork Paper Towel Dispenser
389.6-Wh U-Boat Stock Cart
390.Fairbanks Co. 4-Wh Warehouse Cart (54"x27")
391.4-Wh Wire Post Cart (42"x22")
392.4-Wh Platform Cart (57"x29")
393.4-Wh Platform Cart (60"x30")
394.36"x18" Galvanized Dunnage Racks
395.36"x18" Galvanized Dunnage Racks
396.36"x18" Galvanized Dunnage Racks
397.36" Round Pedestal Tables
398.Pedestal Candy Coin-Op Machine
399.6-Tier Alum Shelf Units (36"x18")
400.Asst Alum Shelf Units
401.6-Tier Alum Shelf Units
402.Asst Alum Shelf Units
403.72"x48" S/S Exhaust Hood w/Fan
404.Biljax ESP-19 Elec Scissor Lift
405.Hobart Quantum Scale
406.Hobart Quantum Scale
407.Hobart 2812 Manual Slicer (No Blade Guard)
408.Hobart 1912 Automatic Slicer (Auto Needs Work)
409.36"x24" S/S Rolling Stand w/Shelves (Brand New)
410.36"x24" S/S Rolling Stand w/Shelves (Brand New)
411.Vixio Smartcast 38" 5.1 Sound Bar System (Floor Model)
412.Vixio Smartcast 45" 5.1 Sound Bar System (Floor Model)
413.Lego Nexo Knights Display Model
414.Lego City Display Model
415.CW Promark Warrior Drone
416.CW Promark Warrior Drone
417.CW Promark Warrior Drone
418.CW Promark Warrior Drone
419.CW Promark Warrior Drone
420.4-Tier Wire Post Rack
421.Thermmax Mid Temp 4-Fan Blower (404a, 1-PH, 208v)
422.Lift Rite Hand Pallet Jack (Cracked Wheel)
423.Central Reinforced Tape
424.JBL Ceiling Mount Speakers
425.Mega Power ML 228 LCD Projector
426.JLAB Audio Children's Folding Headphones Display
427.Hobart HLXWM Digital Scale
428.Hobart HLXWM Digital Scale (No Legs)
429.Lot (6) Hanging Secuirty Cameras, (3) New Wren Indoor Bullet Cameras, Wren 12v DC Power Supply
430.Hobart Quantum Scale
431.Toshiba Locking Cash Drawers (No Key)
432.Toshiba Locking Cash Drawers (No Key)
433.Honeywell 4000 Lumen LED Utility Light Display
434.Hobart HLXWM Deli Scale (Leg Missing)
435.Brenton Studio Ruzzi II Black Faux Leather Mid Back Office Chair (New in Box)
436.Brenton Studio Ruzzi II Black Faux Leather Mid Back Office Chair (New in Box)
437.AG-969 Bug Light (No Bulbs)
438.4-Way Pallets
439.Lot (2) Asst Stepladders
440.Vondrehle Dual Roll Toilet Tissue Dispenser
441.Lot (3) ABC Fire Extinguishers: (1) Ansul Sentry (Good), (2) Buckeye (Need Recharged)
442.Multi-Ton Hand Pallet Jack (Release Needs Repaired)
443.Black Upholstered Swivel Office Chair

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