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Fred Peters Auctioneers, LLC
*Online Only* The Blue Building Catering Auction - September 26, 2018 9:00 AM

Item Description
1.Lot Asst Hockey Sticks/Pool Cues
2.Easel Chalk/White Boards
3.Wooden Stools
4.Lot (5) Asst Teapots
5.Silverplate Water Pitchers
6.Silver Plate Coffee Pots
7.Silver Plate Water Pitchers
8.13" Dual-Handled Non-Stick Skillets
9.22" S/S Oval Trays
10.Lot (13) Poly Water Pitchers
11.23"x13" Handled Wood Serving Trays
12.Lot (2) Totes Asst S/S and Glass Canisters
13.10.5" Silver Plate Bowls
14.Lot Clay Art Hand Painted (3) 17" Bowl and (2) Condiment Dishes
15.15.5" Handled Hammered Copper Bowls
16.20"Handled Hammered Copper Platters
17.S/S Water Pitchers
18.Asst Alum Pizza Pans
19.10" Alum Cake Pans
20.19.5" x 17" Handled Wood Serving Trays
21.Lot (9) Asst Handled Wood Serving Trays
22.Lot (9) Asst Butane Tabletop Ranges
23.Lot (45) 4.5" Crystal Rose Bowls
24.Lot Asst Crystal Salad Plates and Bowls
25.Lot (2) Cases China Rammakins
26.Lot Metal Watering Cans
27.22"x12" Glazed Pottery Serving Trays
28.Lot (40) 14" S/S Plate Covers
29.16" S/S Oval Platters
30.13.5" S/S Oval Platters
31.14.5" S/S Oval Platters
32.7.5" and 8.5" Nonstick Saute Skillets
33.Lot Centrum Tropical Collections (4) 19" Platters, (2) Vases, (4) Pitchers, Relish Dish
34.Lot Asst Glass Vases, Bottles, Wine Carafes, Misc Items
35.Lot (125) 4.5" Fortina China Pedestal Dishes and (35) 3" Pedestal Dishes
36.Lot (4) Wood Serving Bowls
37.S/S Handled Bowl
38.Centrum Hand Painted Pitchers (NIB)
39.Lot (4) Stacks 13" Laquered Chargers
40.Lot (3) Metal Stands
41.Lot (4) Wood Bowls and (3) Wood Handled Trays
42.Lot (2) Stacks Alum 11" Plate Covers
43.Lot (11) Marching Band Hats
44.Lot (25) Asst S/S Serving Trays
45.Lot (70) 6.5" China Bowls
46.Lot (4) Stacks 13" Chargers
47.Lot (4) Marble Snowman Cutting Boards and Painted Dishes
48.Lot Colored China Plates and Coffee Cups
49.14" Ikea S/S Bowls
50.14" Ikea S/S Bowls
51.11" Ikea S/S Bowls
52.11" Ikea S/S Bowls
53.Lot (4) S/S Mixer Bowls
54.Silver Plate Chafing Dish w/Insert and Hinged Lid
55.Silver Plate Chafing Dishes w/Inserts and Lids
56.Lot (41) 12.75" Blue Spot Platters and (19) 9" Plates
57.Lot Asst S/S Bowls
58.S/S 9-Qt Handled Bowls
59.Tray Asst Microphones
60.Basket w/ Asst Steeler Plates and Napkins
61.Villa Romana Hand Painted Ceramic Bowl and Platter Set (NIB)
62.Lot (11) Glass Pitchers
63.Lot Centrum Glazed Pottery Platters and Bowls (9 PC's)
64.Lot Asst Decorative Items
65.Silver Plate Chafing Dishes w/Lids
66.Silver Plate Chafers w/Lids
67.Lot Shelf Asst Silver Plate Items
68.Handled Serving Trays
69.Lot (25) Asst Serving Platters
70.S/S Roll Top Chafers
71.S/S Roll Top Chafers
72.S/S Roll Top Chafers
73.Silver ate Round Chafers w/Lids
74.Asst S/S Chafers
75.Duke Counter Hot Food Warmer
76.60" x 24" 4-Tier Eagle Wire Post Racks
77.19" Poly Salad Bowls
78.Scott Lev-r-matic Towel Dispensers (NIB)
79.Scott Lev-r-matic Towel Dispensers (NIB)
80.Scott Lev-r-matic Towel Dispensers (NIB)
81.Scott Lev-r-matic Towel Dispensers (NIB)
82.Bialetti 16" x 14" Extra Large Alum Roaster (NIB)
83.4-Tier Wrought Iron Rack
84.24" x 24" S/S Wall Shelves
85.3-Tier Silver Plate Pastry Trays
86.Vollrath S/S Insulated Hot Boxes
87.Crate 1" Skirt Clips
88.87" x 12" S/S Wall Shelf
89.ABC Fire Extinguisher
90.Soda Acid Fire Extinguishers
91.Lot (12) Dozen 3.5/4.5-Oz Tea Cups
92.Lot (21) Doz 7-oz China Coffee Cuos
93.Crate Bamboo Serving Trays and Steamers
94.Tray Ass Alum Grates, Drying Racks, Misc Items
95.Crystal Cake Plates w/Lids
96.Lot (6) Cake Plates
97.FWE S/S 4-Wh Rolling Elec Hot Box
99.Cambro Beverage Dispensers
100.Lot Asst Crystal Bowls, Red Glass Vases/Plates, Painted Ceramic Platters
101.Federal 220v Grab and Go Cooler (47" x 30")
102.Lot Weather Guard Cooler Bag and Igloo 2GO Cooler Pad
103.Lot 10' Opening Soon and 20' Grand Opening Banners
104.Crea-Cor Bakery Transfer Case
105.Lot Asst Hammered Copper Trays and Bowl
106.Lot (8) 12" Glass Rose Bowls
107.Lot (4) 10" Glass Rose Bowls
108.Cases 8" Glass Rose Bowls (12/cs)
109.Lot (20) Asst S/S Trays
110.Lot Asst Silver Plate Items
111.Champion Single Arm Dish Washer w/Stainless Rinse and Feed Tables
112.Lot (7) Wire Chafing Racks
113.Northern Industrial Wall Mount Steel Locking Cabinet (NIB)
114.Lot (8) Kimberly Clark Toilet Paper Dispensers
115.Lot (4) Shelves Flash Blue and Green Plastic Dishes and Glasses
116.Anchor Glass 3-pc Cake Stand Sets
117.Sole Di Toscana Decorator Glass Jars (NIB)
118.Asst Glass Cake Stands
119.Anchor Glass Cake Stands
120.Anchor Glass Cake Stands
121.Lot Asst Demitasse Cups and Small Dishes
122.Crates Asst Black Tablecloths
123.5-Gal Cambro Beverage Dispensers
124.5-Gal Cambro Beverage Dispensers
125.10-Gal Cambro Beverage Dispenser
126.Lot White Iris China
127.Lot Asst Plastic Trays, Bowls, Misc Items
128.Lot Asst Alum and S/S Pots, Pans, Trays, Misc Items
128A.22" x 20" Alum Roasting Pans
129.Lot (3) Boxes Baking Tins
130.60" x 24" Wire Post Racks
131.Carlisle Hot Food Boxes w/Dolly
132.Lot (6) Carlisle Hot Food Boxes (Missing some Latches)
133.Delonghi 60-Cup Coffee Maker
134.Regalware 55-Cup Coffee Makers
135.Regal 101-Cup Coffee Makers
136.Westbend 55-Cup Coffee Makers
137.Silver Plate Oval Chafing Dishes
138.Lot Asst Alum Platters
139.Lot (30) Asst Wicker Baskets
140.Wearever 80-Qt Alum Stock Pot
141.Vollrath 60-Qt Alum Stock Pot w/Lid
142.Wearever 60-Qt Stock Pot
143.Lot Metal Pails, Plates, Pitchers w/Lids
144.Lot Wood Bowls, Asst Platters, Misc Items
145.Lot Blue Ridge Plates, Cups, Saucers
146.Lot Asst Baskets
147.Lot Asst Painted Ceramic Platters
148.Lot Asst Glassware
149.Lot Asst Alum Saute Skillets, Pots, Misc Items
151.Lot (9) Cases Coffee Mugs (9/cs)
152.60" x 24" Wire Post Racks
153.Box Gold Band Demitasse Cups and Saucers
154.Ironrite Mangle
155.Lot Silver Plate Punch Bowl and S/S Bowl
156.65" x 10" Elec Plate Warmers
157.Lot Decorative Tins
158.Lot Asst Serving Trays
159.Lot (14) Green and Amber Glass Platters
160.Lot (8) Ceramic Vegetable Platters
161.Cases 5-pc Fleur Rouge 8.5" Painted Plate Sets (16/cs)
162.Lot (10) Dozen Asst Oneida Glasses
163.Crate Green Coffee Mugs
164.Lot Metal Pails and Buckets
165.Lot (2) Shelves Asst Wicker Baskets
166.Glass Cake Plates w/Lids
167.Lot (9) Asst Footed Glass Compotes
168.Lot Shelf of Asst Glass Bowls, Plates and Platters (45 PC's)
169.Heavy Metal Platter
170.Lot (9) Asst Pewter Serving Trays
171.Lot (6) Tin Handled Serving Trays
172.Lot China Plates and Saucers
173.Lot Asst Painted China
174.24" x 16" Handled Alum Trays
175.Lot (35) Asst Wood Salad Bowls
176.Lot (7) PC's Round and Oval Painted Holiday Bowls
177.Cases Asst Bormioli Rocco Crystal Glassware
178.S/S Pedestal Cake Stands
179.Lot Painted Pottery Vase, Glass Bowls, Hammered Copper Trays
180.14" Enameled Metal Bowls
181.Lot (30) Pcs Porcelain Coated Pails and Bowls
182.Porcelain Coated Beverage Dispensers
183.Lot (25) Asst Ceramic Serving Bowls and Platters
184.Sharp 1200w S/S Commercial Microwave
185.Pair Metal Pitchers w/Basins
186.24" Galvanized Tubs
187.60" x 24" Wire Post Racks
188.Lot (3) Asst Stoneware Crocke
189.Brinkman 15-gal Galvanized Tub
190.Lot Asst Air Pots
191.Lot (3) Crates Asst China Dishes
192.2-Dr Metal Storage Cabinet
193.Lot (4) 27" x 26" Coated Cooler Racks w/Clips (NIB)
194.Half Pan Chafer
194A.Lot Charcoal Grill & Canning Pot
195.16" Ceramic Planter
196.Winter Portable 115v AC/12v DC 85 Quart Cooler/Freezer
197.Crates Asst Cloth Napkins
198.Mansfield Urinal (NIB)
199.Lot Brownsville Brewing Crate and Alum Riser
200.Lot (2) Boxes Glass Stemware and Asst Bowls
201.Box Asst S/S Creamers and Bowls
202.Lot (3) Boxes Asst China
203.Sharp ER-A347 Cash Register
204.Ampia Pasta Make and Alum Cookie Press
205.Lot (3) Asst Coffee Makers and Iced Tea Dispenser
206.Lot Asst Silver Plate Bowls, Platters, Misc Items
207.Crate Linen Napkins
208.Crates Asst White Tablecloths
209.Crate Asst Gold/Silver Napkins and Tablecloths
210.Crate Asst Pink Tablecloths
211.Crate Asst Colored Tablecloths
212.Crate Asst Pink Linen Napkins
213.Lot (50) 10.5" S/S Plate Covers
214.Lot (50) 11" S/S Plate Covers
215.Lot (34) 3" White China Creamers
216.Lot (100) Clear Glass Sugar Caddies and (13) Black Poly Sugar Caddies
217.Lot (22) 9.75" Gold Rimmed Plates
218.Lot (70) Gold Rimmed 5-oz China Bowls and (13) 4.75" Saucers
219.Lot (30) 9.75" Gold Rimmed Dinner Plates
220.Lot (30) 7" China Plates and (12) 9" China Bowls
221.Lot (280) White 6" China Saucers
222.Lot (250) White China Coffee Cups
223.Lot (90) 9.5" Whine China Dinner Plates
224.Lot (80) 6.5" White China Salad Bowls
225.Lot (49) 5.5" White China Condiment Bowls
226.Lot (6) 9.5" & (5) 8.5" White China Serving Bowls
227.Lot (15) 11.5" White China Pasta Bowls
228.Lot (6) White Gravy Boats & (33) White Condiment Bowls
229.Lot (140) 6.5" White China Salad Bowls
230.Lot (95) 6.25" White China Dessert Plates
231.Lot (77) 10" White China Dinner Plates
232.Lot (160) 3.25" Glass Sundae Dishes
233.Lot (230) 3.25" Glass Sundae Dishes
234.Crate Asst Linen Napkins
235.Star Nacho Warmer
235A.Lot (4) Tomato Slicers (2 Have Broken Legs)
236.Star Nacho Warmer
237.Star Pro Max Counter Panini Press (110v)
238.Counter Heat Sealer w/Extra Roll Film
239.Roll 18" Paper Dispenser
240.Roll 18" Paper
241.Lot Asst Decorative Glass Marbles/Accent Gems
242.24"x16" Lighted Maple Carving Station
243.24"x16" Lighted Maple Carving Station
244.60" Lighted Pedestal Carriage Lights
245.55" Lighted Wedding Pedestal Floral Displays
246.55" Lighted Wedding Pedestal Floral Displays
247.15" Footed Urns
248.29" Columns w/12" Artifical Ferns
249.Cornelius Refrigerated Counter Juicer
250.Alum Approx 80-Qt Stock Pot w/Basket & Lids
251.Alum Approx 40-Qt Stock Pot w/Strainer
252.S/S Approx 40-Qt Stock Pot
253.Keurig Coffee Brewer
254.Tray Pizza Pans, Dough Formers, Dockers, Cutting Boards, Wire Racks & Cone Filter Holders
255.Bunn VPR Series Coffee Maker
256.APW Wyott Counter Bun Warmer
257.Global 2-Well Counter Soup Warmer
258.Nemco Counter Pizza Holding Display Cabinet
259.Counter Hot Food Warmer
260.Merco 4-Pan Burger Warmer/Timer
261.Globe Chefmate Slicer
262.Gehl's Nacho Cheese Warmer/Dispenser
263.Curtis Gemini System 12 Coffee Brewer w/Satellite
264.Lot (4) Asst Coffee Air Pots
265.McCann's Carbonator Pump
266.Bar Maid Bar Glass Cleaner
267.M. Latter 29" Impulse Sealer
268.Lot 30"/44" Infra Ticket Holders
269.Tray Equinox Credit Card Machine, Scanner, Ethernet Cables, Asst Items
270.Lot (2) 21" Box Fans
271.16" Custom Wood Paper Roll Dispenser
272.Tray Stone Bean Pots
272A.Coated 4-Strap Bread Pans
272B.Roll Pans
272C.6-Strap Small Loaf Pans
272D.16.5" x 16.5" Alum Pans
272E.Full Alum Sheet Trays
272F.Perforated Alum Bread Pans
272G.Fiberglass Dough Boxes (26" x 18" x 3")
273.Crate Asst S/S Items
274.Lot Tub w/Grapevine Wreaths
275.Chocolate Cascade Model FONTOI Serial #629 Chocolate Fountain
276.Chocolate Cascade Model FONTOI Serial #617 Chocolate Fountain
277.Lot (3) Boxes Artificial Greenery
278.Lot (3) Boxes Artificial Greenery
279.20" Crystal Tower Vases
280.20" Crystal Tower Vases
281.12" Crystal Tower Vases
282.16" Crystal Tower Vases
283.24" Crystal Tower Vases
284.24" Crystal Tower Vases
285.Dozen Coffee Cups w/Tote
286.Spill Magic Pop-Up Wet Floor Sign
287.Alum Bakery Transfer Rack
288.Alum Horizontal Bakery Transfer Rack
289.Bakery Transfer Cabinet/Wire Pan Rack
290.Lot (12) New Linen Chair Covers
291.Lot Asst Poly Food Containers/Lids
292.S/S Knife Holder
293.S/S 4-Hole Utensil Holder w/Inserts
294.Lot (2) Straw Dispensers
295.Lot (2) Insulated Poly Food Containers
296.Emerson S/S Microwave
297.36"x24" Rolling Wire Post Racks
298.Lot S/S Deli Pans, Collanders, Asst Items
299.Tub (132) Linen Chair Covers
300.Spinner Battery Rack
301.Little Debbie Rolling Snack Rack
302.Spinner Chip Rack
303.Max Rack Poly Rolling Bakery Transfer Rack
304.Rolling Bakery Transfer Rack
305.Mahogany Carving/Chafer Station
305A.Taylor S/S Portion Scale
305B.Lot 4-Slice Toaster & (2) Sunbeam Oskar Food Processors
305C.Lot Cake Turntable, Ingredient Scoop, Alum Measuring Cups
306.Bev Air S/S Refrigerated 2-Dr Rolling Prep Table (48"x30")
307.Fat Tender
308.Montague 4-Burner Gas Range w/Oven
309.Tray Pelican Head Parts, Grinder Tray, Can Openers, Asst Items
310.Handled Copper Bowl
311.36" x 24" Gas Griddle w/Stand
312.24" x 20" Garland S/S Gas Chargrill w/Stainless Stand
313.105" x 34" Randell S/S Rolling Refrigerated Salad Bar w/6-Drawers & (1) Hot Well
314.Lot (14) Asst S/S Hotel/Water Pans & Chafer Parts
315.9' x 2' Randel Pizza Pride Elec Conveyor Ovens (MPI MP-9610)
316.Bags 27# Little Caesar's High Gluten Pizza Flour
317.Asst Totes w/Lids
318.Asst Totes w/Lids
319.Asst Totes w/Lids
320.Totes w/Lids (45-Gal)
321.Lot Flip Crates, Poly Bins, Asst Items
322.Lot (6) Poly Bus Tubs
323.4-Wh Cart, Wood Tool Chest, Contents (Brass Fittings, Gauges, Asst Items)
324.Lot 62"x25" Rolling Charcoal Grill & Charcoal Bed w/Rotisserie, Spit & Motor
325.Lot 62"x25" Rolling Charcoal Grill w/Rotisserie, Spit & Motor
326.Crate Asst Table Cloths & Napkins
327.Crate Asst Linen Napkins
328.Crate Asst Table Cloths
329.Crate Asst Table Cloths
330.Lot (3) Asst Propane Tanks
331.21" Alum Pot
332.Lot Asst Alum Bakery Pans
333.Big John Big Sixty Propane 2-Burner Utility Stove
334.Tray (24) Dozen Silverplate Utensils: (6) Doz Dinner Knives, (6) Dozen Dinner Forks, (6) Dozen Salad Forks, (6) Dozen Teaspoons
335.Tray (24) Dozen Silverplate Utensils: (6) Doz Dinner Knives, (6) Dozen Dinner Forks, (6) Dozen Salad Forks, (6) Dozen Teaspoons
336.Tray (24) Dozen Silverplate Utensils: (6) Doz Dinner Knives, (6) Dozen Dinner Forks, (6) Dozen Salad Forks, (6) Dozen Teaspoons
337.Tray (24) Dozen Silverplate Utensils: (6) Doz Dinner Knives, (6) Dozen Dinner Forks, (6) Dozen Salad Forks, (6) Dozen Teaspoons
337A.Tray (24) Dozen Silverplate Utensils: (6) Doz Dinner Knives, (6) Dozen Dinner Forks, (6) Dozen Salad Forks, (6) Dozen Teaspoons
337B.Tray (24) Dozen Silverplate Utensils: (6) Doz Dinner Knives, (6) Dozen Dinner Forks, (6) Dozen Salad Forks, (6) Dozen Teaspoons
338.Tray (30) Dozen Silverplate Utensils: (6) Dozen Dinner Knives, (6) Dozen Dinner Forks, (6) Dozen Salad Forks, (6) Dozen Teaspoons, (6) Dozen Dinner Spoons
339.Tray (30) Dozen Silverplate Utensils: (6) Dozen Dinner Knives, (6) Dozen Dinner Forks, (6) Dozen Salad Forks, (6) Dozen Teaspoons, (6) Dozen Dinner Spoons
340.Tray (30) Dozen Silverplate Utensils: (6) Dozen Dinner Knives, (6) Dozen Dinner Forks, (6) Dozen Salad Forks, (6) Dozen Teaspoons, (6) Dozen Dinner Spoons
341.Tray (30) Dozen Silverplate Utensils: (6) Dozen Dinner Knives, (6) Dozen Dinner Forks, (6) Dozen Salad Forks, (6) Dozen Teaspoons, (6) Dozen Dinner Spoons
342.Tray (24) Dozen Silverplate Utensils: (6) Doz Dinner Knives, (6) Dozen Dinner Forks, (6) Dozen Salad Forks, (6) Dozen Teaspoons
343.Tray (13) Dozen Silverplate Utensils: (3) Dozen Butter Knives, (5) Dinner Forks, (5) Dozen Salad Forks
344.Tray (15) Dozen Silverplate Utensils: (5) Dozen Iced Tea Spoons, (5) Dozen Salad Forks, (5) Dozen Butter Knives
345.Tray (18) Dozen Asst Silverplate Utensils
346.Tray (15) Dozen Silverplate Utensils: (5) Dozen Salad Forks, (5) Dozen Cocktail Forks, (5) Dozen Butter Knives
347.Tray (15) Dozen Silverplate Utensils: (5) Dozen Iced Tea Spoons, (5) Dozen Salad Forks, (5) Dozen Butter Knives
348.Tray (2) Dozen Asst S/S Knives
349.Tray (33) Pcs Asst Silverplate Serving Utensils
350.Lot (2) Trays Asst S/S Flatware (Approx 12 Dozen)
351.Lot (2.5) Dozen Steak Knives
352.Tray (5) Dozen Silverplate Napkin Rings
353.Horizontal Feed Bakery Transfer Rack w/(11) Full Alum Sheet Trays
354.Kitchen Aid Professional 6000 HD Mixer (NIB)
355.Lot Kitchen Aid Grater Attachment w/Blades, Hook, Whip & Paddle
356.Sanitary Safety Slicer (As-Is)
357.Lot George Foreman & (2) Hamilton Beech Counter Grills
358.Sharp Carousel Microwave
358A.Lot Correlle Ware
359.Centaur Counter Panini Grill (110v)
360.Lot Wood Angels, Candle, Sexton Ikea Accent Lights, Equipment Legs, Asst Items
361.Conwin Ballon Tying Disks
362.Vinyl Transfer Rack Covers
363.Lot (2) Carlisle Condiment Holders
364.Lot (8) Asst Poly Cutting Boards
365.Lot (6) Asst Poly Cutting Boards
366.30" x 18" x 1.5" Maple Cutting Boards
367.23" x 15.5" Wood Cutting Boards
368.Full Sheet Alum Perforated Trays
369.Full Sheet Alum Trays
370.Full Sheet Alum Trays
371.Full Sheet Alum Trays
372.Full Sheet Alum Trays
373.Defiant 2-Keyed Entry Knob Sets w/Deadbolts
374.8' x 3' Maple Bakery Table
375.10' x 3' Maple Table-Top (NO LEGS)
376.Wilder S/S Rolling Ingredient Bin
377.Lot 20/30-Qt Mixer Bowls & Whips
378.Rubbermaid Poly Rolling Ingredient Bin
379.Crate Asst Bakery Pans
380.Lot (12) Coated Bun Pans (Ekco) & (3) Coated Bun Pans
381.4-Strap Coated Bread Pans
382.Crate Asst Coated Cake Pans
383.Crescor Enclosed Bakery Transfer Case
384.Lot (3) Shelves Asst Blue Glass Items
385.Lot (3) Shelves Asst Bowls/Platters
386.Horizontal Feed Bakery Transfer Rack w/(6) Full Alum Sheet Trays
387.S/S Gas Fryer
388.Hatco Flav-r-Savor Counter Pizza Display
389.Glass-Pro Glass Washer
390.Sir Steak Cuber (Missing Guard)
391.Hamilton Beech 40-Cup Coffee Brewer
392.Wells S/S Counter Food Warmer
393.72" x 36" S/S Table Cabinet w/Sliding Doors & Backsplash
394.Roll Paper Dispenser
395.Atosa 27.5" S/S Sandwich Prep Table
396.21" x 6" S/S Trays
397.Speedster Counter Elec Fryer w/Baskets (110v)
398.S/S Iced Tea Urn
399.Alto Shaam Hot Hold Cabinet
400.Lot Wall Mount S/S Condiment Holder, S/S Lip Tray, S/S Drain Tray
401.Vulcan S/S Gas Tilt Skillet (36" x 35")
402.Bloomfield Integrity Coffee Maker w/Pots
403.Full Alum Sheet Tray w/Utensils
404.Sharp Carousel Microwave
405.36" x 24" Star Max Elec Griddle
406.60" x 30" S/S Table w/Shelf & Backsplash
407.Lot Commercial Food Processor/Waring HS Commercial Blender
408.Lot Large Alum Skillet, Sauce/Stock Pots
409.Lot Asst Alum Serving Trays & Sizzler Plates
410.30" x 36" S/S Island Work Table
411.Universal #3 Meat Grinder
412.Bloomfield Wall Mount French Fry Cutter
413.Footed Alum Collander
414.Full Alum Sheet Trays
415.27" x 24" S/S Utility Table Cabinet w/Backsplash
416.Lot Chafer Lids, Deli Lids, Condiment Holders
417.Insulated Rolling Ice Bin
418.Mixer Grinder Attachment & Pelican Head Parts
419.Bottle Chest Cooler (24"x24")
420.Groen TDB-40 Serial 76244 208v 3-PH Steam Jacketed S/S Tilt Kettle
421.Varimixer Welbilt W40P Serial # 881508001F 40-Qt Mixer, 220v 3-PH
422.Lot 10-Qt Hook, Paddle & Whip
423.Rolling Mixer Bowl Stand w/(21") Handled Alum Bowl
424.Wire Chip Rack
425.43.75" x 13.75" x 27.5" S/S Stand
425A.Cabellas Sausage Stuffer
426.S/S Rump Stuffer
427.Lot (3) 24" x 14" Wire Post Racks
428.Lot (2) Wood Handled Pizza Peels
429.Lot Wire Baskets, Poly Bus Tubs, Plastic Food Baskets, Misc Items
430.Rolling Mixer Bowl Stand w/(2) 25" Alum Bowls
431.Wearever Rolling Alum Ingredient Bin
432.19"x15" Solid Maple Snack Tables
433.Lot (26) Oval Serving Trays
434.Lot (29) Oval Serving Trays
435.Lot (29) Oval Serving Trays
436.5-Tier Stack-Master Wire Rack (48"x18")
437.Butcher Boy Grinder Mixer (Incomplete)
438.Hobart Potato Peeler
439.Hobart 6430-T Potato Peeler
440.Karps Elec Bake Oven (Model CR-4)
441.Mrs Good Cookie Model JBC-251 Warmer and Display
442.Wall Mount 37.5" Ticket Holder
443.Alum Stock Pot w/Pasta Dividers
444.30" x 22" Metro Poly Dunnage Rack
445.Fry-King S/S Elec Donut Fryer w/(16) 17" x 25" Screens
446.Univex M-20 20-Qt Floor Mixer w/Stainless Bowl & Hook (110v, 1-PH)
447.TEC Cash Register w/Keys
448.Granite Canning Pots
449.36" x 36" Glass Top Table
450.Padded Café Chairs
451.23" Poly Salad Bowls
452.28" Round Metal Table Base
453.Rubbermaid Push Top Trash Cans
454.4-Wh Rolling Wire Post Cart
455.Cater-Caddy Insulated Holding Boxes
456.24" x 24" S/S-Top HD Stand
457.Folding Card Tables
458.Members Mark Ice Cream Maker w/Manual & Elec Motor
459.Kenmore Freezer
459A.Robot-Coupe Food Processor
460.Toast-Qwik Converyor Toaster (110v)
461.26" x 24" Alum Lift Top Stand w/Stainless Legs
462.Chrome Shelf & Towel Rack (NIB)
463.Lot Asst Plastic Trays, Handled Serving Trays & Oval Trays
464.Box 7" x 5.25" Sign Letters
465.35" x 24" x 42" Rolling S/S Stand
466.Handled Metal Pails
467.Lot Asst Baskets
468.Lot Asst Mason Jars w/Lids & Rings
469.5-Tier Rolling Coated Rack
470.4-Tier Corner Metal Shelf Unit
470A.Lot Vases, Flowers, Baskets, Bells
471.Creamiser Refrigerated Cream Dispenser
472.5-Gal Water Cooler
473.Cres-Cor Insulated Holding Cabinets
474.Lot (4) Asst Coolers
475.Galvanized Dunnage Rack
476.Pedestal Sample Station
477.Lot 4-Wh Dolly/Igloo Cooler/Wire Post Dunnage Rack
478.20" x 40" Rolling S/S Stand
479.Lot (3) Crates Asst Glassware
480.Lot (6) Asst Alum Stock Pots
481.Box Asst Table Cloths
482.Basket Asst White Table Cloths
483.Lot (2) Baskets Asst White Table Cloths
484.Lot (20) Asst 90" Table Cloths
485.Lot (20) Asst 120" Table Cloths
486.Lot (17) Asst 120" Table Cloths
487.Lot (30) Asst 90" Table Cloths
488.Lot (34) Asst 132" Table Cloths
489.Lot (38) Asst 60"/54" Table Cloths
490.Lot (40) Asst 120" Table Cloths
491.Lot (20) Asst 90" Table Cloths
492.Lot (30) Asst 90" Table Cloths
493.Lot (28) Asst 120" Table Cloths
494.Lot (18) Asst 120" Table Cloths
495.Lot (31) Asst 90" Table Cloths
496.50" Chrome Rolling Garment Racks
497.60" Chrome Rolling Garment Racks
498.60" Rolling Z-Rack Garment Racks
499.Lot (7) Boxes Asst Basket Packing
500.Lot Work Lights/220v Extension Cord
501.Case 7" Cardboard Cake Rounds
502.Crate Asst Linen Napkins
503.Lot (2) Crates Sports-Related Items
504.Crate Asst Table Cloths
505.Crate Asst Table Cloths/Napkins
506.Crate Asst Table Cloths
507.Crate Asst Pink Table Cloths
508.Lot 1" Skirt Clips
509.Box (11) Floral Candle Holder Centerpieces
510.Box Small Wicker Baskets
511.Lot (3) Rolls Poly Air Curtains
512.105-Qt Tote w/Lid
513.Lot (4) Pepsi Menu Boards
514.Lot (3) Shelves Crystal Vases and Candle Stick Holders
515.Lot (2) Pelouze and Edlund Portion Scales
516.Lot (2) Shelves Asst Items
517.Asst Storage Totes w/Lids
518.Mahogany Flatware Box
519.Case Hairnets
520.2.5 Qts Diversey Final Step Sanitizer
521.Lot Pizza Boxes/Asst Paper Product
522.Lot (6) Pepsi Menu Boards
523.Lot (4) Dozen Cylinder Vases & Bud Vases
524.Lot (2) Fountains (As-Is)
525.Lot (2) Shelves Tea Light Holders/Glass Lidded Vases
526.Lot (2) Heart Shaped Wreaths
527.Case Real Flame Sternos (24/Cs)
528.Lot (2) Trays Crystal Candle Holders (42 Pcs)
529.Lot Decorative Sand & Glass Pebbles
530.Lot 8' Autumn-Themed Lighted Arch w/(2) 4' Accent Trees
531.6' Artificial Trees
532.Lot Asst Laundry Baskets & Asst Storage Totes
533.Lot Coffee Maker, Sandwich Grill, Flatware, Pots, Misc Items
534.Lot Asst Counter Racks, Wire Baskets, Misc Items
535.Lot (2) Shelves Asst Wicker/Wire Baskets
536.Lot (20) Artificial Floral Arrangements
537.Lot (3) Christmas Tree Stands & Lights
538.Lot (4) 8' Lattice Corners, 7.5' Lighted Arch, (2) Bases w/(2) Columns
539.Lot (2) Boxes Artificial Flowers/Greenery
540.Hobart H-600 60-Qt Mixer w/Stainless Bowl & Hook (Serial 11-270-983), (1-PH, 115v) (Bowl Lift Wheel Handle Needs Repair)
541.NSS Elec Super Suction Vac w/Bag
542.85" x 36" Alum-Framed Entry Door w/Frame & Key
543.48" x 24" Fiberglass Deck 4-Wh Warehouse Cart
544.Asst Red/Gray Flip Crates
545.Asst Small Gray/Black Flip Crates
546.42" x 24" Metal Deck 4-Wh Warehouse Cart
547.43" x 26" Metal Deck 4-Wh Warehouse Cart
548.36" x 24" Collapsible 4-Wh Cart w/Pneum Tires
549.Lot (13) Asst Poly Stack Crates & Recycling Bin
550.Lot Rolling Wire Cart/Poster Sign Frames/Wet Floor Sign
551.Cres-Cor Hotel Pan Transfer Case (NEW)
552.Bakery Transfer Cabinet w/Display Door & (9) Sheet Trays
553.Cres-Cor Model H-138-S-1834D Insulated S/S Hot Pass-Thru Cabinet
554.Cres Cor Model 0671-105 2-Dr Rolling Hot Hold Cabinet
555.Wood-Handled Alum Pizza Peels
556.AM 1842 36" x 18" Wood Pizza Peels
557.AM 1842 36" x 18" Wood Pizza Peels
558.40" Wood Buggy Wheels (2" Hubs)
559.Loren Cook Model 135R10D Exhaust Fan (20"x20")
560.Racks Champagne Flutes w/Dolly (25/Rack)
561.Racks Wine Glasses w/Dolly (16, 20 & 25/Rack)
562.Racks Martini Glasses w/Dolly (20/Rack)
563.Racks Asst Wine Glasses w/Dolly (Apprx 25/Rack)
564.Racks Asst Red Wine Glasses w/Dolly (Apprx 16/Rack)
565.Racks Asst Red Wine Glasses w/Dolly (Apprx 16/Rack)
566.Racks Rocks Glasses (25/Rack)
567.Racks Coffee Cups w/Dolly (25/Rack)
568.Racks Tulip Glasses (25/Rack)
569.Lot (46) Irish Coffee Cups
570.Racks High Ball Glasses (36/Rack)
571.Lot (2) Racks Asst Martini Glasses
572.Lot (4) Racks Asst Glasses
573.Lot (8) Crates/Boxes Asst Glassware
574.Lot (18) Asst Glass Racks & Case Rack Inserts
575.Mahogany Padded Side Chairs
576.Wood Padded Arm Chairs
577.48" Round Wood Grain Folding Table
578.6' Wood Stepladder
579.28" Silverplate Plant Stand
580.Flat Top Steamer Trunk
581.Thermo-Vat Insulated Transfer Boxes
582.42" x 24" 4-Wh Wire Post Cart
583.S/S Chafers w/Water & Hotel Pans, Lids
584.S/S Chafers w/Water & Hotel Pans, Lids
585.Lot Asst Chafer Parts, Sternos, S/S Cups
586.S/S Soup Inserts
587.Lot S/S Bain Marie, Pitcher, Milkshake Cups, Asst Items
588.S/S Hotel Pans
589.S/S Water Pan, 400 Pan, Lid
590.S/S Perforated Pans
591.Asst S/S Deep Pans
592.Asst S/S Deep Pans
593.Box (12+) Asst S/S Hotel Pan Lids
594.S/S 12" Mixing Bowls
595.Asst S/S Deli Pans
596.S/S Perforated Pan w/Stainless Tongs & Icers
597.S/S 14" Handled Stock Pot
598.Lot Pelouze S/S Scale, FMP Timer, Merlin Digital Timer
599.Lot (5) Asst Rubbermaid Hot Food Take Out Bags
600.Lot Home Wine Kit, Strainers, Asst Utensils, Napkin Dispeners, Table Oil Lamps
601.New Portable Propane Grill
602.Poly Bus Tub w/ S/S Mugs
603.Lot (8) Boxes Asst Silver-Rimmed China (Dessert Plates, Small Bowls, Coffee Cups)
604.Lot (3) Boxes Asst Disposable Plastic Cups
605.Lot Asst Silver Plate & S/S Punch Bowls, Pitchers & Hor Dourve Trays
606.72" x 40" Rolling Slat Table
607.88" x 36" 2-Wh Barcelona Cart
608.Lot Asst Poly Food Pans & Poly Handled Lids
609.Upright Trash Compactor (110v)
610.Portfolio Recessed Light Conversion Kits
611.Windmere 12" Oscillating Fan
612.Pair 12" x 10" Metal Open Signs
613.Kenwood Potato Peeler (NIB)
614.Lot (4) Asst Hanging Signs
615.24" x 66" Modular Bar
616.Ilco Manual Key Machine Model H2584CV
617.Trays Asst Master Cable & Chain Locks
618.Alum Adjustable Tripod
619.Lasko 21" Box Fan
620.Tray Asst Scoops/Utensils
621.Lot Slotted Lex-Ann Pans, Coffee Pots, Carafes
622.New Pax S300 Credit Card Scanner
623.S/S 36" Paddle
624.42" Round Pedestal Table
625.32" x 27" S/S 2-Burner Propane Range Top
626.42" Round Pedestal Table
627.Boxes 36" White Spindles
628.Boxes 31" White Spindles
629.Lot 36" White Spindles
630.Rolling Bakery Transfer Rack
631.Wonder Wheeler Beach Cart
632.Lot (3) Tubs Asst Cake Novelties
633.Lot (3) Tubs Asst Cake Novelties
634.Lot (2) Totes Asst Cake Novelties
634A.Sanyo Dorm Fridge
635.Trash Can Dollies
636.Retracta-Belt Stanchions
637.Lot Asst Pots/Pans
638.Cast Iron Candy Stone
639.Trash Can
640.New Whirlpool 40-Gal Propane Hot Water Heater
641.Henny Penny Sure Chef Elec Rotisserie
642.36" x 31" S/S Table Cabinet w/Back Splash
643.Poly Bus Tubs
644.1999 Isuzu Diesel Cab-Over w/16' Kidron Box & Thermo-King Refrigeration Unit (VIN: JALC4B14XX7005981, 145,930 Miles)
645A.2004 Ford E-250 Cargo Van w/Thermo-King Refrigeration Unit (VIN: 1FTNE24L45HA15522, 155,443 Miles)
645.2004 GMC W3500 Gas Cab-Over w/12' Box, Thermo-King Refrigeration Unit & 1600# Power Lift Gate (35,001 mi, VIN: 4KDB4B1U14J800148)
646.GE Monogram Double Elec Oven (New)
647.27.5" x 27.5" Folding Metal Tables
648.Golden Treasures Living Bar Height Table (41" x 68" x 40") (NIB)
649.Golden Treasures Living Bar Height Table (41" x 68" x 40") (NIB)
650.Golden Treasures Living Bar Height Table (41" x 68" x 40") (NIB)
651.Molded Stack Chairs
652.5-Tier Coated Wire Post Racks (60" x 24")
653.Lot Mikasa M2480 Ambiance Dinner China (19.5 Dozen 10.5" Dinner Plates, 25.5 Doxen 6" Bread Plates, 2.5 Dozen 9" Serving Bowls, 2 Dozen 8/9.5" Dessert Plates, 14 Dozen Saucers, 20 Dozen Coffee Cups)
654.Lot Rose Decorations
655.Alum Flour Sifter
656.Lot (13) Alum 8.5" Saute Skillets
657.Lot (13) 8.5" Heavy Saute Skillets
658.Lot (2) 42" Pedestal & (2) 18" Table-Top Wrought Iron Candle Holders
659.3-Panel Metal Divider
660.Lot (2) 24" Dust Mops
661.18.5" x 14" Painted Chicken Platter
662.Table-Top Glass Candle Holders
663.Lot Asst Glassware
664.Lot Metal Hanging Basket, Riser, Candle Holders

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